Nerissa Schwarz: Playgrounds Lost

Nerissa Schwarz: Playgrounds Lost

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New solo album by Frequency Drift songwriter, harpist and mellotronist Nerissa Schwarz


  1. Play

  2. Dance around black hole

  3. Running out

  4. Fireflying

  5. Last spring

  6. Yellow skies

  7. Something behind trees

  8. No more games

  9. Playground lost

Released on 23 September 2016

Performed entirely on electric harp and mellotron, Playgrounds Lost is a haunting exploration of the beauty, fragility and traumas of childhood. As it shifts between pastoral moments and dark, uncanny textures, the music progresses from folk-like melodies to noise, from ambient soundscapes to intricate, impressionistic compositions.

The unconventional sound design and cinematic atmospheres of Playgrounds Lost make for an immersive listening experience.

Written, arranged, produced and performed by Nerissa Schwarz (electric harp, mellotron)


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